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Together Better Stronger with Dr. Beth Schmit


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Together Better Stronger

with Dr. Beth Schmit -- Equipping you to build, sustain, and enjoy emotionally intelligent relationships

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Maybe you’ve been married awhile, and things are mostly fine, but there’s not much of a feeling of connection right now.

You’re great parents to the kids, and function well as a team with the day-to-day stuff, but there’s room for improvement in the “us” department

-- and you want your sizzle back

You're Set

Or you’ve gotten into bad habits of nit-picking, arguing, and criticizing and have started avoiding each other a little too much.

Or you’re not avoiding, but you're just getting worn out from all the bickering.

-- you want to get along, have fun, and enjoy each other again

You're Just Starting Out

Maybe you're newly married, engaged, or dating and haven't hit many rough patches yet. But you want to be proactive and learn the skills you weren't taught growing up so your relationship can really thrive.

-- you want to build a strong foundation right from the beginning

Let's Go

Or you’ve been married before, and now you’re with a partner you're truly committed to.

It’s more complicated now. You’re dealing with exes, blended family dynamics, and the stress of the back-and-forth with the kids. You expect it to be challenging, but

-- you want to learn how to keep this relationship rock solid.

Psychologist & Relationship Coach Dr. Beth Schmit teaches you what you need to know so that you can start really enjoying each other again!

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Our online workshops and coaching packages to help your marriage or relationship go from "yawn" to "yowza"!


An Online Marriage/Relationship Coaching Experience for Couples

This is a deep dive for couples that includes:

A Comprehensive Relationship Assessment

Personalized Coaching

...and much more!

Transform your marriage from feeling mostly like roommates to being truly close and connected again- both inside and outside the bedroom! 

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An Online Workshop --Exclusively For Women--That Will Help You Enjoy Your Relationship and Bring Sexy Back! 

This step-by-step system helps you address and overcome barriers to intimacy- both inside and outside the bedroom. 

Learn how to re-ignite the spark and rediscover connection, pleasure and joy with your special someone!

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"Dr. Schmit is an engaging and inspiring teacher and coach. With her years of experience as a couples therapist, her approach is absolutely rock solid. My husband and I are feeling that spark again! Thank you!"

J. K.
Online Workshop Participant

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What's the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

Coaching, classes and workshops (online or in person) are ideal for you if you're basically doing well as parent, teacher, or spouse/partner, and you want to up-level your skills to do an even more excellent job in these vital roles. They are primarily designed for education and support. 

Psychotherapy or counseling is designed to treat mental illness, including the behavioral issues and symptoms that are a result of diagnosed mental health conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coaching and workshops are not a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling, and coaching is not a treatment for any mental health condition.

Dr. Schmit's psychotherapy practice is in Portland, Oregon.



This one-page guide SPILLS THE SECRETS to the MUST-DO HABITS that will help your relationship really THRIVE!


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